Information is missing off my printed PDF certificate. How do I fix this?

Information missing from a certificate can happen for a variety of reasons. They range from an unsupported internet browser to not opening the certificate with Adobe Reader.

We've listed easy ways to ensure your certificate contains all information listed. 

Download Your Certificate As An Image

Once logged into your MyVetLink account, navigate to your "Certificates" tab. Under Certificates, locate the certificate you would like to download. Scroll to the right of the page and select the "Actions" drop-down menu. From Actions, click "Download as an image."

Another way to find and download your certificates is to click your "Animals" tab to the left of the screen. From there, click on your animal's name. Once your animal's information populates to the right of the page, scroll down to the Certificates section. Find the certificate you need and click the "Download as an image" option to the right of the certificate number. 

Use A Supported Internet Browser

We recommend that our users use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as their internet browser when navigating our system. Ensure these browsers are up to date no matter which one you are using.

GlobalVetLink no longer supports Internet Explorer or Windows XP. Safari can also cause downloading issues with our certificates. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome when opening certificates from our platform.

Open Your Certificate With Adobe Reader

GlobalVetLink generates the official certificate in the form of an Adobe PDF, which can be opened by Adobe Reader. If Adobe Reader is not installed on your device, you can install it through the Adobe website here

Once you have installed Adobe Reader, you will have the option to set it as your default PDF viewer. Doing so will allow GVL certificates to open automatically in Adobe Reader. 

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