What is the difference between an Agent and Owner MyVetLink account?

Owner MyVetLink Account
Owner accounts are best for those who only need access to animals listed under their ownership.

  • Owners gain access to certificates once their vet clinic adds their email and grants MyVetLink access.

  • Owner accounts can only see animals that are associated with their contact at the veterinary clinic.

  • Owners have access to EECVIs (Extended Equine 6 Month Certificates) and can create permits, if an EECVI is issued for their horse.

Agent MyVetLink Account
Agent accounts are best for those who need access to documents for animals that they do not own. For example: trainers, boarding facilities, and animal transporters can utilize MVL agent accounts for document access. 

  • An Agent account must be "Linked as an Agent" to any animal profile they need access to by the veterinary clinic, including their own. 

  • Agent accounts do not have access to EECVIs (Extended Equine 6 Month Certificates).

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