EECVI Movement Permit Instructions - Equine Owner

1. When your veterinarian has completed your EECVI, you will receive an email from

2. To begin creating a movement permit, click Create Permit in the email or login to your MyVetLink account.

3. After logging into MyVetLink, click on Certificates in the left hand menu. Here you will see the recent certificates that your veterinarian has completed for you. To view your EECVIs only, click the Show EECVIs only button at the top of the screen.

4. To create your movement permit, click on the Certificate number and select Create a permit. 


5. Enter the Movement Info, Origin and Destination and click Finish Permit.


6. After clicking Finish Permit you will be prompted to Commit the permit. By doing so, you are verifying that your horse is healthy, that you will travel with your permit and official ID information and that you have been made aware of any travel restrictions. If true, click Commit. 


7. Once you have committed your permit, you can download and print it by clicking on the certificate number and locating the permit under Travel Permits.

If you have any questions, please contact the GVL Customer Support Team. We’re happy to help you set up your account or walk through creating an EECVI permit.

Phone: 515-817-5701

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